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Cadillac Specialty Wall Designs


Here at Diamond Back, our tried and tested process allows us to custom specify whitewall widths and designs. This has become especially useful for those with Specialty Whitewall designs. In the 60’s and 70’s, vehicle manufacturers bounced around with multiple whitewall widths and patterns, and Diamond Back is the only company capable of recreating exactly what you need. The Cadillacs of that era would come with Double and Triple stripe designs, labeled style A, B and C above. We also have dual color options, specifically the red-white combination that came factory on 65-66 Thunderbirds. Remember, we build every tire to order and if there is something custom you’d like done, or want to match some off-the-wall rare factory width whitewall design, call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

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Diamond Back Classic Tires is an online tire shop that creates custom tires for classic cars. Diamond Back creates white wall tires, redline tires and other custom tires for prewar cars, postwar cars, modern cars, Corvettes, muscle cars, European cars and many more. Diamond Back Classic Tires also provides accessories for customers to purchase online. Diamond Back is based out of Conway, South Carolina.

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